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teenagers were swept into the ocean. also two new developments in the beating case of giants fan bryan stow. the arrest connected to the case. the morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news. thank you for joining us. it's thursday, july 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve. >> dave and pam, thank you. we do have low clouds, thankfully not as much drizzle or light rain like we had yesterday but still it's an overcast morning for many and it's also really cool, a lot of mid-40s, upper 40s in the north bay. once the fog burns off and it will burn off sooner today, we will have 50s, 60s and low to mid, maybe a few upper 70s. here's sal. steve, interstate 880 traffic looks good here as you drive past the coliseum with no major issues. traffic looking nice. also the morning commute is looking good on interstate 80 westbound although it is
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getting busier heading out to the toll plaza. also have a problem in san jose, we will talk about that in just a minute. let's go back to the desk. >> we will talk about it right now because that is developing news in san jose. a 30-foot wide sinkhole has opened up on highway 87 on the southbound side. this is a live picture, folks. this is near west virginia street. now, the chp says drivers obviously avoid this area. engineers are expected to get there within the next 30 minutes from now. we are going to be out there, we are checking with ktvu's tara moriarty and find out how long the repairs are expected to take place. rocks to act as shrapnel. we are not talking about iraq or afghanistan. that's how investigates are describing a soda bomb found at a marin city bus stop. jade hernandez joins us now to tell us this is not the first case in the area. >> reporter: no, pam, you're right and it seems innocent enough but someone is filling soda bottles like these with a
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concoction which explodes when anyone picks them up. one of these bottle bombs was found right here at the marin city bus stop yesterday afternoon. we just watched a sheriff's deputy pull up to this bus stop, get out of the car and then speed off. it appears he didn't want to comment on camera but fellow deputies found a bottle bomb just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon and no one was hurt but what could have happened is what worries county authorities. inside a bottle, rocks apparently placed inside to act as shrapnel, the mixture of fluid resulted in a gaseous buildup and then an explosion. back in may novato police warned residents about these types of devices. the school district even sent out an e-mail warning to all schools. just a few months before police arrested a group of teenagers for setting off drano bombs in an open space in january. we checked in with the marin county sheriff's office this
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morning. they haven't arrested anyone in this case and they don't have any new information about the incident yesterday. but this area has had its fair share of recent armed robberies and the golden gate transit agency said it will look to the county to make safety improvements there. we are live behind the gateway shopping center in marin city and the sheriff's office has increased patrol here and a transit spokeswoman told me on the phone she is headed down here to give us an update. more on that coming up. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say two overnight shootings appear to be related. officers were called to peralta street around 10:00 p.m. where they found a man lying in the street. minutes later they were called to the scene of a second shooting on 13th street. both shooting victims were rushed to highland hospital where they underwent surgery. overnight police collected evidence suggesting the two shootings are connected but so
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far no arrests have been made. also in oakland this morning, police are looking for three gunmen who helped -- who held up a gas station mini mart. that happened last night in the broadway terrace area. the store clerk says the three men got away with about $600 and two cartons of cigarettes. no one was hurt. time now 6:03. four teenagers now recovering after a terrifying close call on a secluded marin county beach. they were swept out into the cold choppy waters off tennessee valley beach yesterday evening. the coast guard, the chp, federal park rangers and lifeguards all of them rushed out to the scene. however, some good samaritans who were hiking in the headlands got that first. they immediately came to the rescue after spotting a huge wave knocked the two girls and two boys into that water. >> we got down there and then the two girls were floating around and we were able to save one of them but the other one floated off to the other side. >> all four teenagers were eventually lifted to safety.
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one of the girls by the way is still in the hospital with serious injuries. this morning we are following two new developments in the bryan stow case. his family has posted a new message on its website saying that the critically injured giants fan is showing new signs of improvement. they say he's now opening his mouth on his own when it's time to check his temperature and he's even enjoying some tv shows in his hospital room. also the girlfriend of beating suspect giovanni ramirez is now behind bars in las vegas. 26-year-old denise piccon is facing drug and weapons charges. she is the suspected getaway driver in that dodger stadium attack. time now 6:05. a menlo park woman was shot in east palo alto and she has died. 19-year-old katherine fisher was shot early yesterday morning while sitting in a car with two other people on annapolis street. she was taken to the hospital but she later died there. the two other people in the car were not hurt in that shooting. investigators are still
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searching for suspects trying to figure out a possible motive. today is a relatively easy day for the crew of the space shuttle atlantis, but one thing they will be doing is they are going to be talking to us live from space, they are going to talk about the historic mission coming up at 6:25. we are going to talk live with the astronauts up there. >> yes, we will. time now 6:05. uc regents are expected to approve another tuition hike when they meet this morning in san francisco. uc president mark marc udoff has proposed a 9.6% tuition increase in addition to a previously approved 8% increase set to take effect this fall. with the start of classes just five weeks from now, students have very little time to come up with the extra money. >> i'll have to do less of something and take additional loans out and make due. >> now as the students brace for those higher costs, we have also found out that uc regents are expected to approve a pay
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raise for the chief executive officer of ucsf medical center because they have exceeded their profits. uc employees protested uc regents last night calling on them to share the pain. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today for the fifth time to try to work out a deal on raising the national debt limit. coming up at 6:15, we are going to have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on what president obama reportedly told republicans at a tense meeting yesterday. time now 6:07. back to our developing news story. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the scene of a sinkhole in san jose. you're standing there now. what's going on, tara? >> reporter: well caltrans engineers are supposed to be arriving shortly, within the half hour and chp arrived on scene. they told us we are going to be moving because it's not very safe in this area. but if you take a look down here you can see the sinkhole is pretty big, about 30 feet across and you can actually put your hand underneath the median there and it will come out on the other side.
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it is -- it has forced crews to shut down one lane of highway 87 southbound in the alma avenue on-ramp. caltrans discovered the problem tuesday, they came out, they poured some gravel and then last night they compressed that gravel and found that it sunk about a foot below the earth's surface and you can see where that concrete is exposed, all the cracks there. so they shut down some lanes on the freeway at 9:00 last night. we are close to west virginia street just to give you an idea of where we are on 87, and again one southbound lane is closed as is the alma avenue off-ramp. but the on-ramp from 280 is open and crews are expected to be out here all morning repairing the sinkhole so you definitely want to avoid this area. we would suggest using south alma avenue to -- expressway to 87 or also take monterey road as well and cut across to west capitol expressway to 87th. live in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to go back over to sal who is checking in on the
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bridges. sal. >> that's right. we are going to the bridges and traffic is -- or the bay bridge which a lot of people want to know about at this time of the morning in the 6:00 hour when it gets busy, westbound traffic is getting busier but we don't have a big backup there so far. also the morning commute looks good, 880 north and southbound driving to the san mateo bridge from let's say oakland traffic looks good to hayward and we just mentioned that problem in san jose. that's the -- really the only big problem we have. now, we do have southbound 280, some people are avoiding the guadalupe parkway and heading over to 101, causing a little bit of a slowdown there as you can see on 280 approaching 101. 6:00 oh nine let's -- 6:09 let's go to steve. temperatures on the cool side, still have low clouds around but at least a decrease in the drizzle and if areas get clearing it's rafer cool -- rather cool, a lot of mid-40s, 48 to 58, chilly, low clouds,
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we will have a mix of fog and sun and a little bit of a breeze here by noon. 55 to 70. and i would think it was mostly sunny by this afternoon, 58 to 80, always an out lie or two comes in higher than forecasted so upper 70s to low 80s. santa rosa should be 85. our forecast today is 76. san jose should be 83 this time of 84, we will go 74. livermore 78, a very cool 74. so the inland temps are chilly and some of the morning lows especially in the north bay chilly. i've seen a couple reports in napa anywhere from 46 to 49, mill valley 48, novato 49, penngrove 47, kenwood 46 and sebastopol at a cool 45. you can see a lot of the low clouds still there. they have lifted, moved inland, 49 now sonoma county airport, 49 also at the napa airport so that jibes with downtown. 53 san rafael, san francisco the mid-50s, more cloud cover peninsula south bay and also the east bay where a strong system produced thunderstorm
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activity near shasta there yesterday. that's the source of our cool weather. so low clouds give way to sunshine, breezy, maybe a little windy at times for some but more sun today, an earlier burnoff on that fog bank so anywhere from 60s, 70s to near 80 degrees but still on the cool side, napa 75, novato 73, 77 pittsburgh, walnut creek 73, hayward 68, alameda at 63, 73 santa clara, went with 180 morgan hill, the lone outpost. fremont 70 and then 60s, 70s on the peninsula, 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees, though towards santa cruz and capitola but in that fog it's tough to burn off and get very warm. not much change through saturday. i think slightly inland temperatures will come up sunday, monday. >> 6:11. getting tough on properties -- protesters after that rowdy shutdown bart trains. bart says no, that has to stop. when we could find out if sarah palin is going to run for
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welcome back. congressional leaders return to the white house today to continue talks about how to deal with the looming debt limit deadline. as ktvu's alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, president obama is clearly losing patience. alison. >> reporter: there are differing accounts about just how exasperated the president got at yesterday's two-hour
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meeting. republicans say he abruptly walked out. now, the big blowup happened between president obama and house majority leader eric cantor. the president is refusing to concede to cantor's demand for a short-term deal with big budget cuts and no tax increases. according to cantor and white house aides the president said don't call my bluff. i'm going to the american people with this. i've reached my limit. this may bring my presidency down but i will not yield on this. house speaker john boehner is expressing some frustration of his own about dealing with president obama. he says negotiating with him is like dealing with jell-o. meanwhile, the steaks are getting -- stakes are getting higher by the minute. moody's investor services is threatening to downgrade the united states' aaa credit rating. that would make borrowing more expensive and definitely threaten america's economic recovery. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and ktvu's washington, d.c. bureau is scheduled to sit down
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for a one-on-one interview with the president today and you can see that exclusive interview with the president this afternoon on our ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. time now 6:15. sarah palin may announce if she is running for president as early as next month. during an interview last night, sarah palin said quote she has the common sense and the pro private sector policy experience that would be good for this country. palin also says she thinks she could beat president obama. palin will be joining a list of republican presidential candidates that include michele bachmann and mitt romney. in a few hours from now bart's general manager will report to the board of directors on a deadly july 3rd police shooting. at the same time bart says it will be tough on protesters in the future. bart says there will be a zero tolerance policy for protesters who try to shut down train service. this after a group took over the civic center station on monday to protest that july 3rd
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shooting of charles hill. bart's police chief says charles hill threatened his officers with two knives and a broken bottle. your time is 616. sal, you still watching that sinkhole in san jose? >> yeah, we are. we have a picture of it from one of our camera locations, live camera network showing highway 87 downtown. you can see it here. that one lane is closed. you can see the activity. so southbound 87 right near alma near virginia -- near west virginia, you can see that the traffic is still moving along relatively well in that area. in fact, the traffic on 87 north which is on the far left of your screen, that's the commute direction at this time, although needless to say a lot of people take it both directions at this time of the morning but you can use alternate routes and we will talk about those coming up. let's talk about the san mateo bridge westbound 92, that traffic looks good getting out to the high-rise. and if you are driving to the
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bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good getting into san francisco. and 6:17, let's go back to steve. >> thank you. lots of gray skies out there, thankfully we don't have as much in the way of the drizzle, a few breaks in those clouds and a much sooner burnoff today even though there are extensive area of fog and low clouds it's not as bad as yesterday when it was a slow process to burn it off. temperatures today slightly maybe warmer just due to the fact that we will burn off some of this low cloudiness but 40s, napa 49, santa rosa 49, san rafael 52, a lot of mid-40s in the north bay and temperatures in the 50s elsewhere and that low spinning in the pacific northwest is keeping us very cool, so low clouds but sun today sooner and then temperatures cool to mild to maybe warm if you're in the sun or wind protected area, upper 70s to near 80 degrees but still below average on many of these temps, five, 15 degrees, not so bad near the coast, san francisco should be 68 this time of year, 60 but it's the inland temps which are well below average, not much of a change through saturday, maybe slightly warmer in those
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inland highs sunday, monday. >> thank you, steve. well, in the last hour the labor department announced new jobless claims fell to their lowest level in three months. the latest report shows the weekly numbers dropped to 405,000, that's down 22,000 from the week before and it's better than economists had forecast. we will see how wall street reacts. time now 6:18. some new information this morning about a man who accuses shaquille o'neal of having him kidnapped. what a police report says about the man who had claimed to have a sex tape of shaq. plus the accused picasso thief linked to another expensive heist. good morning. westbound highway 4, that traffic looks pretty good coming up to concord and parts of contra costa county still looking great. we will tell you more.
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good morning. we have a lane blocked, 87 southbound near west virginia overcrossing alma street exit. now, southbound 87 traffic still looking good and so does northbound 87. we will keep monitoring it for you and let you know. let's go back to the desk. time now 6:22. the man accused of stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery is reportedly
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connected to another theft. mark lugo has a warrant in new jersey where he's charged with stealing three bottles of wine, each worth about $2000. the surveillance photo shows lugo in the black shirt there inside gary's wine in wayne, new jersey, where that theft happened in april. now, san francisco police say surveillance video helped them arrest lugo last week and recover the picasso. he is due in court tomorrow. time now 6:23. so new details about the man who claims basketball star shaquille o'neal had him kidnapped by a los angeles gang. according to the "l.a. times" a police memo classifies the man making that claim as an undesirable police informant who appeared to have a personal vendetta against fellow gang members. back in 2008 that man claimed he had a sex tape of shaquille o'neal. he told police that two weeks after he made that claim, seven gang members kidnapped, beat him up and robbed him. we are also following right
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now a big golf tournament happening right now overseas. denmark's thomas bjorn holds a two stroke lead in the first round of the british he open. he is four under par through 14 holes at royal saint georges, five birdies and a bogey. this is video we shot a short time ago while bjorn was getting ready. the tournament favorite rory mcilroy is struggling in the early going so far. 6:24. this is something you don't want to miss involving nasa's final shuttle mission. in just moments we are going to talk live to crew members, hey there they are, they are waiting to talk to us, just about halfway through their mission. we will be right back. o?oowq
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good morning to you. welcome back. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 news morning
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news. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 6:26. almost a week we have been showing you the incredible pictures of the crew members of the space shuttle atlantis. this morning pam and i have the privilege of talking to the shuttle crew live about the historic mission. >> atlantis iss, this is ktvu channel 2 news. can you hear us? >> yes, space station reads you loud and clear, how do you copy us? >> copy that. >> we hear you. good morning, gentlemen. thank you and, ma'am, for joining us this morning. tell us, we have been talking about the barbecued chicken and the beans. it's called thermostabilize. tell us about the food. how does it look, how does it taste? >> actually, the food is pretty good. some of it is sort of in the form of meals ready to eat that the military has where it's a pouch, you heat it up and you
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eat it. the thermostabilized is in a dehydrated sort of form as well it comes in that form, you just add water, put it in the oven and heat it up and that's good to go as well. and of course we have, you know, our special meal we are going to be sharing with the space station crew and we will be having a very nice time and reflecting, you know, we originally wanted it on july 4th, but we will have it instead at this time. >> just an observation, the four of you look terrific up there in space. we are so happy to be able to talk to you, but this is also the end of the shuttle mission. what are your thoughts now? the average person doesn't get a chance to talk to the space shuttle crew. you're winding down, this is the end of the shuttle mission. what are your emotions? >> well, you know, it's like any -- your first car, for example, you love it, you hate to see it go but you realize that every vehicle has its time and while, you know, i
6:29 am
personally believe there's a little bit of lifetime left in the space shuttle, we do have to realize that if we want to go beyond and get another rocket or craft that will go outside of lower earth orbit, the shuttle is not the one and eventually we do want to go back to the moon, perhaps mars or an as roid and we are -- asteroid and we are going to need to stand down and take time and perhaps the money that was used to operate the space shuttle and instead build a new vehicle with it which is what we plan to do. >> exciting to hear that we intend to go back to the moon and mars. what would you say is the most significant contribution that the shuttle program has made? >> i can definitely offer you one. i think there were a number of great contributions the shuttle made but we are here talking to you from one of the crowning achievements of the space shuttle program and that's the international space station, you know, the shuttle was integral in constructing, building and putting all this
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together, 210 miles above the surface of the earth. so, you know, we get to see this, you know, this work of art every day for the next several days and it will be here for years to come. so definitely the space station is probably one of the greatest achievements of this space shuttle. >> well, we love you, we are pleased to talk to you. final question, have you thought of a neil armstrong- type statement to make about this as it winds down? >> well, you know, it's funny you should mention that because if we launched on time on july 8th, our original landing was supposed to be july 20th, which of course is the anniversary of neil armstrong's landing on the moon, as it was, we have extended one day, we will be landing on july 21st, a significant day nonetheless and i've put some thought into how we are going to reflect on the moment and perhaps we will just save that until the wheels stop
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calling. we will let you know then. >> all right. fantastic. thank you. >> fair enough. >> thank you so much. we are talking live to the astronauts there. notice the cal fan in the back. we appreciate that here in the bay area. thank you very much for joining us. >> and have a safe trip home. >> yes, please. >> bye now. >> thank you so very much. have a great day. >> thank you. the crew of the space shuttle. >> fantastic to get to talk to them live this morning. we do have some breaking news back here on earth in oakland, right now a body in the road, in the city's rock ridge neighborhood. ktvu's kraig debro just arrived on the scene where a portion of ivan ho street is now shut down, right, craig. >> reporter: yeah, the whole street actually between chabot and the street next to highway 24. i always forget -- get the name of that street confused. the police here now. you see over off in the distance on the right-hand side crime scene investigator looking down trying to collect
6:32 am
some evidence down there. right behind the crime scene investigator, you see a -- it's supposed to be yellow tarp but i think the flap is up so the underside is white. that's where the body was found this morning. police got a call around 4:39 there was a body out here when they got out here, according to one of the officers i spoke with, the body had been lit on fire and was still on fire at the time the officer got out here. this is rock ridge neighborhood of oakland, very unusual for a homicide to happen out here at all, at any time, but i did speak to an acting lieutenant. he tells me that it looks as though the homicide occurred somewhere else and that the body was dumped here. those were his words. and so he does not believe that the homicide took place on this street or maybe even this neighborhood. the street is just off highway 24. there are a number of ways a person could have gotten in here and dropped off the body and left. that's all the information we have right now. obviously we don't know the
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identity of the person at all. it's very early in the investigation but i'm going to have more for you coming up on mornings on 2. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:32. well, engineers are expected to get at any moment to look at a big sinkhole that opened up on highway 87 in san jose. ktvu's tara moriarty is there now. you've been out there for a while. how is the morning commute affected, tara? >> reporter: well, a lot of people are trying to avoid this area altogether. we understand they are taking monterey road instead as an alternate. we are on the overpass above 87. we were told to move because it was too dangerous. you can see the caltrans crews right there, they are waiting for engineers to arrive and you can see that large gap right there in the roadway. that -- it extends all the way to the other side underneath the median and where the gravel is over there, it's pretty big, about 30 feet across. now, the problem that has forced crews to shut down one lane of highway 87 southbound and the all ma avenue -- alma
6:34 am
avenue off-ramp. caltrans discovered the problem tuesday, they came out, poured some gravel and then last night they compressed that gravel and found that it sunk about another foot below the road surface and that you can actually see where the concrete is exposed. so they shut down some lanes on the freeway at 9:00 last night. we are close to west virginia street just to give you an idea of where we are on highway 87. and crews are expected to be out here all morning repairing that sinkhole so you definitely want to avoid this area. damage is pretty extensive. as for what caused it, we don't know for sure, you know, there's vibration of traffic, heavy loads like large trucks and equipment using the road that are enough to do the job. just spoke to sal. he says a lot of folks again are taking monterey road which runs parallel to 87. that might be a better option for you this morning. we are live in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it may be a few days before we learn the identity of the person whose body was found in
6:35 am
the water near a san jose golf course. a fisherman made the discovery in coyote creek yesterday afternoon. police say the body was found in a wooded tree lined area next to a public trail. the coroner's office is now checking the fingerprints and will conduct an autopsy. time now 6:34. a tattoo has now become very critical evidence in a homicide investigation in antioch. police say a 21-year-old suspect had the words "no warning shots" tatooed on his chest. now, police say antonio he is i can't very well is being -- esquivel is being held for a killing. he got the tattoo two weeks after that fatal shooting and they say that's no coincidence. however, the murder suspect is strongly denying the tattoo has any ties to that crime. the government of chile is increasing the reward money that's offered in an unsolved killing that happened right here in the bay area. take a look at this new picture of the victim.
6:36 am
this is adolfo bravo. he was a chilean citizen who recently moved to berkeley to be with his fiancie. police say he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in september. right near the ashby bart station. the chilean government gave $3000 to the reward money. emeryville police asking for help tracking down a hit- and-run driver who seriously hurt a young woman. police released this surveillance photo. they say it shows the dark colored suv that likely hit that 22-year-old victim. it happened at the intersection of add lion and san pablo on tuesday at about 2:30 in the morning. police say the victim was in the crosswalk and was dragged at least 30 feet. she remains in the hospital in intensive care. time now 6:36. a debate over a new dog park in oakland is going to the planning commission without a recommendation from the parks commission. now, the panel considered plans for two separate projects last
6:37 am
night. one of them called for a dog park at lakeshore and macarthur boulevard. the other recommended one behind children's fairy land. the lakeshore location you're looking at right here was first proposed about 10 years ago, but critics say putting a dog park in that area known as astro park, well that will break up one of the few open spaces in the city. supporters say the city needs a place for dogs to run and they claim that area isn't used by many other people. lakeshore business owners say it will turn into an economic benefit. >> anything that brings more people to our district is a plus, this is an amenity for lakeshore and lakeshore would be silly to turn down any way to make our area more popular. >> it's going to cut off the open area so right now we have in a very congested and enclosed urban neighborhood, we have an open space that is half of it is going to be cut off. >> well, the parks commission
6:38 am
wasn't able to agree to any recommendations on where to build either one or both of those dog parks. filmmaker francis ford coppola's winery in the napa valley should be back open this morning after a fire. that happened yesterday evening. firefighters say a chimney caught on fire above the winery's restaurant. about 75 people had to be evacuated but fortunately no one was hurt. now, the restaurant is just below a hall that is filled with props and memorabilia from coppola's films so we hear that that memorabilia is okay. 6:38. sal, what are you seeing out there right now? >> a busy morning out there. we have had a lot going on and we have a problem in contra costa county on highway 4, a motorcycle down westbound highway 4, the two westbound lanes are blocked and people are getting by on the center divider on the right shoulder and fortunately a lot of people get on the freeway after lone tree and it's still slow after the crash because people are heading west in that two lane
6:39 am
section near the construction zone. so if you drive on highway 4 and you get on the freeway after long tree, try and get yourself on the freeway if you can with surface roads after lone tree, that's where the motorcycle crash is and there's a big choke point there. now, obviously, you will still have to deal with other slow traffic when you get on the freeway, but this is still there and the police and the fire department are on the scene. let's go out and take a look at some live pictures, bay bridge slowing down, it is backed up for about a 15 minute wait, but there are no trouble spots on the bridge. san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks okay getting into the lower deck of the bay bridge with no major problems coming up to the downtown area. 6:30 now. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. still plenty of low clouds but noticeable breaks compared to yesterday. the northbound bay has mostly clear skies, peninsula, south bay, east bay, cloudy to mostly cloudy, couple sunbreaks in the city but still a big fog bank
6:40 am
out there influencing our weather and keeping us on the cooler side even though i think we will see the fog burn off sooner today, so little bit more sunshine maybe coming up slightly on the temps. a low overcast and sunny and breezy, can't lose that sea breeze. not much change as we go into the weekend. fog nights and mornings, then sun, then breezy, slightly warmer sunday into early next week. it's the coastal temperatures which aren't too bad, they are about five to 10 below average but the inland temperatures he anywhere -- temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20. santa rosa 85, 76 downtown not at the sonoma county airport. san jose 83 this day, 74 and livermore closer to 88, today 74 so big drops in those temps and due to the mostly clear skies for many in the north bay it's cool. sebastopol 45, kenwood 46, penngrove 47, mill valley 48, novato at 49 and napa and santa rosa both at 49 degrees. still, though, plenty of low clouds out there, there's your 49s at napa and also santa rosa, 52 san rafael, mid-50s elsewhere due to the cloud
6:41 am
cover. west 23 at sfo, west-southwest oakland, west-southwest fairfield so from the golden gate to the delta sea breeze in place, the big low carved itself out on the west coast is keeping us cool. fog, sun, breezy, more sun today, sooner burnoff on that fog, cool to mild. afternoon highs, nice, pleasant, sun coming up. i went with 180 and that was morgan hill but petaluma 72, vallejo 68, 76 fairfield, 77 pittsburgh to concord, walnut creek, 73, danville 74, castro valley 68, berkeley 64, oakland 65. there's the 180 at morgan hill. they seem to run warmer than anyone else santa clara vall so we will -- valley so we will go with that. saratoga 75. 73 at woodside, low 70s menlo park, palo alto, mountain view but 50s, 60s on the coast unless santa cruz and they are 70. night and morning fog through
6:42 am
friday into saturday, decrease in some of that fog and slightly warmer but not a lot sunday, monday. well, this year's emmy nominees just announced. the series leading the pack with the most nominations. find out what the golden gate transit agency has to say about a bottle bomb found at a bus stop. i'll have more on that coming up. the choppers fatal in san francisco. >> good morning. right now san francisco police on the scene of a fatal crash or a reportedly fatal accident here in san francisco on octavia street, this is breaking news. we will try and get you a better chopper picture coming up.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
a warning in marin county, be careful as something that looks innocent but is very dangerous was found at a bus stop. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us now from where another soda bomb was found. jade. >> reporter: i can tell you the device that was made out of a soda bottle similar to this one had rocks inside of it and the marin county sheriff's office he says if it had exploded the rocks would have ended in shrapnel. someone reported the bottle bomb before 2:00 yesterday afternoon right here at the marin city bus stop. mary gate joins us this morning. tell me what the transit agency is doing about the bottle bomb that was found yesterday? >> the key here is the connection that we have with
6:47 am
the marin county sheriff's office. they have law enforcement responsibility here and it's their investigation and we work and collaborate closely with them on a regular basis. >> reporter: we were talking about it earlier, you said that the bus drivers were able to respond very quickly once this bottle bomb was noticed. >> yes, as we are always with our close coordination with law enforcement, we rerouted our buses out of the area immediately and just let the county do their investigation. we wanted to assure our customers that we are in close coordination and that we hope that the sheriff's office can, you know, resolve these issues here in marin city. >> reporter: the agency is also helping passengers out in this area because there's been some recent armed robberies in the last couple months? >> yes. we have a -- we have a see something say something program and we want to remind our customers of that, that, you know, call 911 if you see anything suspicious which obviously happened yesterday with the suspicious object that was found at our bus stop so that's the most important thing, the eyes and ears of the customers and everyone passing through this area.
6:48 am
>> reporter: that's right with the oversight of the sheriff's office as well. thank you so much mary curry, the golden gate transit spokeswoman, telling us an update about what happened here yesterday. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news in san francisco, very serious accident involving a pedestrian that was hit by a truck that was carrying cars at the corner of octavia and hays. news chopper 2 over the scene. they have just took the person out from underneath the wheel of that tractor-trailer here. again, this tractor-trailer making a left onto octavia near hays, very serious injury accident with a lot of personnel on the scene. the injuries are reported to be very serious and the paramedics have shut down, the paramedics and the fire kew have -- crew have shut down octavia street here between hays and -- for at least a couple of blocks in the hays area. again, these are live pictures from news chopper 2 of a very
6:49 am
serious accident where you see that tractor-trailer hit a pedestrian, the pedestrian was found underneath the wheel. we just saw them wheel someone and put them into a paramedic vehicle but they have not left the scene yet. this is happening right now and we will let you know more. 6:48, let's get today's weather with steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have low clouds, extensive fog bank but breaks in the clouds especially towards the north but we will see the burnoff sooner today for the low clouds and sun will pop out and temperatures still held in check and high pressure is too far away, in the middle of the country, still many areas with the low clouds, those without the low clouds, though in the 40s, mid-40s some upper 40s for this time of year that's cool. napa 49. that's at the airport. santa rosa also at 49 but i've seen about 44 to 45 around the river, parts of marin county as well. if you have the cloudy cover, mid-50s, 55, 56, 57. west wind or a west-southwest wind so delta breeze is there, some locations do stay calm and with that and clear skies,
6:50 am
that's allowed the temperatures to take a little drop, a little dip this morning. there's our low turning up in the gulf, gulf of alaska and then over into the pacific northwest, that's influencing our weather. in fact, maybe record low maximum temperatures today for not only some out in the valley but also fresno and bakersfield. bakersfield may not hit 90 today which would be an all time record for this date. fog, sun, then breezy, more sun today, sooner. temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s to near 80 degrees for a few, but again inland temps are 10, 15 degrees below average for this time of year and the five day does have kind of a stratus quo pattern, not much change really until maybe slightly warmer temps sunday, monday. >> thank you, steve. 6:50 the time. better than expected economic news this morning. sales at u.s. retailers were up slightly in june, this after the analysts were forecasting a drop in sales but the report also shows consumers are pulling back on buying. we go live to the big board on the new york city stock
6:51 am
exchange with a dow jones is up about 54 points, 12,545, getting help from the weekly employment report which came in better than expected as well this morning so that's helping take our stocks up after many stocks down overnight. google reports quarterly earnings after the closing bell today. it's expected to report solid gains in both profit and sales due to increasing interest in its online advertising, analysts expect 6 1/2 billion dollars in net revenue for google. wallace's also watching for signs that google plans to spend freely, google's shares have fallen 6% in the past three months. time now 6:51. new this morning, the nominees for this year's prime time emmy awards, actors joshua jackson of the tv show "fringe" and there's melissa mccarthy made the announcement an hour ago.
6:52 am
mildred pierce is leading the pack. "modern family," the most nominated sit com with 17 n nominations. the prime time emmy awards is november 15th hosted by jane lynch of the show "glee" and got to mention that also nominated with "american idol." >> yep. >> "so you think you can dance." >> yep. >> on our air on channel 2 and also actors edress alba and laurence fishburne, a lot of good people nominated for prime time emmies this year. this is exciting. you have to see this. a kayaker takes on a shark with his bare hands. the reason he would not let go. also some san francisco workers are demanding the city change the law that gives many of them health care benefits through their work for the first time. good morning. a very serious injury accident at the corner of octavia near hays. the fire department is on the
6:53 am
scene right now and it does look like there are very serious injuries, big rig hit a pedestrian, we will tell you more on the other side of this break.
6:54 am
6:55 am
right now we have developing news here in san francisco, this is a crash
6:56 am
involving a big rig tractor trailer that was hauling cars but hit a pedestrian at the corner of octavia near hayes. octavia street is closed right near hayes near oak and hayes. you can see how many ambulances are here lining up. now there have been at least two people injured and we don't know more, if there have been even more people injured and when this truck made that turn there on to octavia. this is causing a big traffic problem in the area, stay away from using the octavia incident. today san francisco's board of supervisors will tackle health care. a worker's group says some business including many restaurants are finding a way around that law and they're
6:57 am
asking the board to close the loophole. a brush with death for a kayaker who cashes and releases sharks for fun. after he caught one, he tried to take a picture of it but that shark fought back flipping the kayak. he got away with just a scratch on his finger and yes he did get his photo. oh, boy. coming up on 7:00. back over to sal because of course one big problem for sure. we've been covering a few things this morning though. >> it's been a tough one. we have in san francisco a semi tractor trailer hit a pedestrian here in san francisco between oak and hayes and octavia. they have a wide section of octavia hurt. we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. let's go to steve. >> fog will burn off sooner today. temperatures though still 50s
6:58 am
and 70s. i don't see much of a change coming into the weekend. >> all right, thank you, steve. coming up on mornings on 2. another scary incident involving kids and guns. a terrifying home invasion not far from the bay area. how some children took heroic action. stay right here with us. ing tr long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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